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Tutoring Services for Autistic Students


Everyone deserves a high-quality education.

Here at, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality tutoring services to anybody in New York City who desires them. That’s because we understand the value of education and the drastic positive impact it has on people’s lives. However, we also understand that learners have different perspectives and ways of thinking, which can lead to the need for more variety in teaching methods. To make our tutoring services as accessible as possible, we’ve put together a tutoring team of experts in learning differences, such as autism.

Autistic students may face additional hurdles when compared to their peers, and they may require extra support to achieve their potential. We believe any student can thrive, and we have several autism experts on our roster who know precisely how to guide students along their educational journeys. Our goal is to help autistic NYC students make the most of their unique abilities and live up to their potential.

If you’re interested in purchasing tutoring services for your child, reach out to us today.

Autism is one of the most common learning differences.

Materializing in many different forms, autism accounts for a large number of students with learning differences. In New York City alone, it’s estimated that around 160,000 people have autism. The autism spectrum is wide and encompasses many different factors, so each person experiences autism uniquely, making the personalized guidance of an educational professional trained in autism instruction important to best guide each student. For example, while some forms of autism manifest primarily in social situations and present few learning difficulties, more severe forms of autism may present significant academic challenges.

Many autistic people may also display phenomenal talent in particular areas, and an autism education expert can help them make the most of these abilities and reach their potential. We pride ourselves on providing a highly customizable tutoring service, so it’s easy for our tutors to create the ideal learning environment to cater to your student, which includes both creating a comfortable environment that caters to the needs of your student as well as fostering their unique skills and abilities.

Customize our tutoring services to best fit your needs.

We understand that many autistic people find comfort in routines. Luckily, we’ve designed our tutoring services such that parents and guardians can easily customize the time and location to fit their child’s routine. Our instructors can travel anywhere in the New York City metro area—including Long Island and parts of Westchester County, Connecticut, and New Jersey—and to any location you specify, whether that’s a cozy café, the local library, or your own living room. If you have any specific requests to create a more comfortable learning environment for your student, just let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

In keeping with our broad service offering, we also provide instructional services to autistic students in a wide range of subjects. For example, we can tutor your student in math—whether elementary math, high school math, or specific types of math, like calculus. We also work with science subjects like biology and physics or humanities like English, history, and social studies. Perhaps you’re interested in your student learning a foreign language or a musical instrument—from German to Arabic and from the violin to the flute, we can teach autistic students in these areas, too. Finally, we prepare students for all sorts of tests, whether it’s the SAT, TACHS, or IELTS. Our tutors can draw on their autism expertise to guide students through these tests as well.

We believe in education for all.

At, we offer tutoring services to everyone in NYC—whether they’re young or old, whether they’re a beginner or already experienced, and whether they’re neurotypical or neurodiverse. Our autism tutors are passionate about helping students overcome the challenges of autism and leverage their unique talents to thrive. For personalized, autism-specific tutoring services for your child, reach out today, and we can discuss your unique situation.

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