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German Tutoring Services in NYC

German tutoring

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Whether your German proficiency levels are currently sky-high or completely nonexistent, we at endeavor to help you achieve your learning goals. Our tutors are highly skilled professionals with years of experience teaching German, so they can masterfully assist you with the tricky noun cases and adjective endings. Since we customize all lessons, each student can work on the points he or she personally struggles with, and we can add material suited to your individual interests and preferences. In this way, our lessons are not only extremely effective but also the most fun way to learn German. Actually, we offer this flexible learning approach in a wide range of subjects, as well.

But is a professional tutoring service really necessary for you or your child to master German? Well, you could take the difficult route and just study on your own, but such an unstructured learning method is likely to be inefficient and to end in frustration. German is known for its complicated grammar, so the patient guidance of a phenomenally talented teacher is the best way to internalize the grammar patterns and learn to replicate them. We’ve already offered our German tutoring services to eager students all across Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens, and based on our students’ outstanding results, it’s safe to say our face-to-face tutoring service is a fantastic choice for any German learner, regardless of age or skill level. Let us bestow upon you the gift of German fluency. Just contact us to get started!

As the most widely spoken native language in Europe, German is an influential communication tool, studied by hundreds of thousands across the United States. The reasons to learn it are plentiful, too. Maybe you have family living near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Maybe you’re preparing for an exchange trip to Freiburg, capital of the Black Forest. Maybe your partner is from Vienna, Austria, and you’re hoping to master his mother tongue. We’ll help you reach your objective, because here at, we tailor all lessons to specifically align with our students’ unique goals. That’s what makes us the best tutoring service in all of the Big Apple.

Sure, an abundance of companies and individuals offer German tutoring services in NYC, but does that mean they’re all good? Nein! Unfortunately, though they may be numerous, many of the tutoring agencies in New York City are inappropriately qualified to deliver on their promises. Their educational backgrounds, teaching experience, and German language knowledge are lacking, and thus they cannot provide students with the high-quality tutoring sessions they seek. Don’t settle for inferior tutoring services like these, because there definitely are talented, skilled German tutors in the City That Never Sleeps, and they’re eager to help you along on your German fluency mission.

Those passionate teachers are on’s carefully selected team. Only the best make it. Many of our instructors have received their post-secondary schooling at the top schools in the world, including Ivy League institutions such as Yale and Stanford. In addition, not only have they aced our strict screening process, but they’ve also achieved perfect or near-perfect scores on the strenuous knowledge tests we apply, which filter the applicant pool down to only the very best. Thus, we can say with confidence that our superb tutors are brilliantly qualified to teach students all about German, including adjective endings, modal particles, and German’s unique context-dependent word-order structure.

Worried you’ll have to travel out of your way to meet with NYC’s best German tutors? Don’t be. As NYC’s top tutoring company, we’ll always send our phenomenal tutors out to meet you. We can teach you German in your own apartment, at a cozy Starbucks location, at a comfortable library, or anywhere else that suits your needs. Whether on the Upper East Side, in the Financial District, or in Brooklyn Heights, we’ll come to you. In fact,  we’ll even venture outside the confines of the city into the suburbs, including anywhere in the New York metropolitan area. So don’t fret if you’re out in Jersey City, because you can still take advantage of our convenient top-notch German tutoring services.

No one is too old to learn German. So whether you’re nine or ninety, whether you can already understand Goethe or can’t make sense of children’s picture books, we’ll support you through our incredibly flexible, highly customized private lessons. Since we also offer classes in a variety of other subjects, don’t hesitate to ask about receiving tutoring in additional topics, too.

Want to learn German? Do it the effective way. Get in touch with us now.

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