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  • Do you offer in-home tutoring?
    Yes! We understand that meeting outside the home is inconvenient for some. Because we aim to accommodate all New York City students, we do offer in-home tutoring in the five New York City boroughs, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas of Westchester County, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Long Island.
  • Do you offer online tutoring?
    Yes—in addition to supporting students in the New York Metro Area with in-person tutoring services, we provide online tutoring to students around the world.
  • What lesson materials your do tutors use?
    The lesson materials our tutors use depend on the needs of each student. If you need help with SAT test prep, for example, your tutor will likely use sample tests and guides, whereas if you need help with an undergraduate mathcurriculum, your tutor will use the relevant course materials. We also cater to your unique learning style, so you tutor may use a mix of materials to help you grasp difficult concepts.
  • Can I switch tutors?
    Yes. While many of our students have worked successfully with their tutors for long periods of time, you can switch tutors at any time if you wish. We understand that finding a tutor you click with is key to achieving your learning goals.
  • Do you offer tutoring early in the morning or late at night to accommodate a busy schedule?
    Our tutors can accommodate a variety of schedules. Simply let us know what you need, and we can offer lessons at times convenient for you.
  • Do you perform background checks on tutors?
    Absolutely. To help ensure the safety of our students, we perform background checks prior to hiring tutors.
  • Do you work with students who speak English as a second language?
    Absolutely. In fact, several of our tutors in each subject area specialize in working with ESL learners. We will customize lessons according to your English level.
  • I need tutoring in a specific subject area. Can you work with me?
    Yes. Because many of our tutors have extensive knowledge and postgraduate qualifications in a variety of subjects, we can offer more specific tutoring as needed. For example, if you need help not only with chemistrybut with organic chemistry in particular, we can accommodate you. Just let us know what you need.
  • Do you provide tutoring for graduate and postgraduate students?
    Of course! Many of our tutors are educated at the graduate or postgraduate level, and several have experience teaching at colleges and universities. We understand the unique demands facing graduate and postgraduate students, so we aim to work with you to achieve your academic goals.
  • How do you assign tutors?
    We believe the tutor–student partnership is incredibly important to learning, so we take finding the right tutor for each student seriously. We assign tutors based on a combination of factors, with the goal being to match each student with a tutor who specializes in his or her subjectof need and who can provide lessons at times and places convenient for that student. You’re always able to switch tutors.
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