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Our Approach

We Measure Each Student’s Knowledge

Through these assessments, we learn each student’s optimal learning styles.

We Use This Data to Identify the Student’s Ideal Learning Style

We use an occupational aptitude survey to learn each student’s passions, interests, and goals.

We Investigate Each Student’s Aptitude

We use cognitive ability tests to understand each student’s strengths and areas of growth in academics.

We Assess Each Student’s Skills

We use cognitive ability tests to understand each student’s academic potential.

We use data to create a holistic profile highlighting how each student best learns.

Our Education Concierge Provides Support

Families are assigned an education concierge trained in learning design who walks families and students through students’ learning profiles.

Subject-Matter Experts Provide Tailored Tutoring

Tutors with subject-matter expertise support students based on their learning profiles.

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Each Student Achieves Remarkable Results

Students unlock their full potential.

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We Create a Unique Learning Profile

We Develop a Custom Tutoring Plan

Education concierges work with content-expert tutors to tailor lessons to each student’s unique learning profile.

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