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College Admissions Consulting Services in New York City

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Adolescents face a lot of challenges and pressure, and that’s especially true in the final years of high school, when young scholars must determine the direction they want to take with their life. On top of attaining a high score on the SAT or ACT, high school students have to look into the best universities for them.


There are many different factors to consider—everything from the programs offered, to the location, to the faculty. Knowing that these choices will have major impacts on their long-term life trajectory, young academics have immense pressure to make the right decisions.

That’s where can help. We’re a renowned private tutoring company with flexible services throughout the New York City metro area—but one-on-one tutoring isn’t all we offer. We also offer college admissions consulting, helping young New Yorkers navigate the labyrinth of the college selection and admissions process.

Our services are available to ambitious young scholars from all corners of the New York Metro Area, and we can accommodate our services to meet our clients’ individual needs, goals, and interests. College success depends just as much on choosing the right institute as it does studying hard and passing the SAT—so this isn’t a decision to take lightly.

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Our college admissions consulting can help put you on the right track.

Do you really need college admissions consulting? Sometimes, NYC students and their families think the best decision is to forgo the fee and eke out an academic plan for themselves. But it’s worth investing in your future. It’s worth investing in qualified professionals who can help students determine the academic programs that best fit their needs, find scholarships they’re well suited for, and navigate the challenging, tedious, and time-consuming admissions process.

Essentially, our team helps maximize your chances of success. As you stand here in NYC at the crossroads of life, the decisions you make now will influence your entire life. It’s worth investing in making the right decisions and landing a spot in the best academic program for you.


We only hire the best academic consultants in NYC.

We’re extremely careful in who we hire for our New York City academic consultation team. We only hire people with deep admissions experience to ensure they have the right skills and competencies to excel in counseling young NYC scholars through the complex university admissions process. Our consultants are experts on the U.S. higher education scene and have access to the most pertinent information to help you make the right choices.

Anywhere in NYC, we come to you.

Your final high school years are busy and stressful enough—we don’t want to complicate matters by forcing you to make a special trip out to us. So, we’ll come to you—wherever you are! We’re equally happy to meet you in your own living room as we are to meet up at a local café or a public library.

We can travel all over New York City—whether that means the Upper East SidePark Slope, or Long Island City. In fact, we can even meet you out in Long Island or parts of New JerseyConnecticut, or Westchester. That’s how far our dedication to providing quality college admissions consulting services extends.


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Ready to take charge of your future? Contact us today to discuss your needs, goals, and wishes for your college and career life.

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