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ACT Tutoring and Test Prep in NYC

ACT tutoring

If you need assistance to pass the American College Testing exam, your best bet is customizable, flexible, one-on-one tutoring. That’s exactly what offers, with highly educated, skilled, and experienced tutors ready to help your eleventh or twelfth grader pass the ACT with flying colors. Our goal is to supply students in NYC with top-notch tutoring personalized to fulfill their individual needs. From test preparation to comprehensive tutoring in a range of subjects, we’re here to meet your every academic need.

Your eleventh or twelfth grader might be able to pass the ACT without our aid, but don’t risk uncertainty. With our thorough tutoring sessions, we’ve already raised the grades of numerous NYC students and helped them demonstrate a far more in-depth grasp of how the test works, and we’ll make sure your child sees the same results. With us, not only do students’ grades improve drastically, but their confidence also skyrockets.


Every year, approximately two million high school students across the country and thousands from New York City take the ACT. All the students have their own individual reasons for taking the test, which is why our highly skilled instructors offer flexible tutoring designed to fit students’ specific needs, such as securing admission to an Ivy League school. What makes us superior to other tutoring services is our tutors’ broad range of talents and our careful attention to each student’s individual goals.

New York is a gigantic city, and as such, it houses countless tutoring services—but not all tutoring services are created equal, and some are far superior to others. Unfortunately, some “tutors” in NYC are not sufficiently educated, experienced, or attentive to provide first-rate tutoring to the hardworking students of the city. Your child deserves better: a highly experienced tutor who offers personalized private lessons tailored exactly to your child’s needs. Whether you’re in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Staten Island, make sure to contact NYC’s best tutors for your child.

At, we ensure we hire only the most qualified tutors in New York City by rigorously screening and testing all candidates. They also boast impressive education backgrounds, many having graduated from Ivy League and other top-ranked schools, including Yale and Caltech. Since many of our instructors aced the ACT themselves as students, they possess the necessary knowledge and insight to help your eleventh or twelfth grader excel at all areas of the test, from scientific reasoning and mathematics  to English and Spanish.

The bottom line? Whenever and wherever you require top-notch tutoring services to help your eleventh or twelfth grader ace the American College Test, our extensively experienced tutors are here for you. We can visit you at home or meet up at a public location of your choosing—whatever’s convenient for you. From Gramercy to Midtown, we can meet at any location within NYC or the NYC metro area. Live in Saddle River, New Jersey? No worries! We’ll send one of our skilled tutors outside the city to give your child the instruction they need.

With, you can rest assured your eleventh or twelfth grader will study with a highly qualified tutor who tailors lessons and materials to perfectly fulfill your child’s individual goals. In addition to teaching high school students studying for the ACT, we also offer one-on-one tutoring sessions for students and adults alike in various subjects—everything from chemistry to Russian.

Get in touch with us today for the best tutoring services anywhere in New York City.

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