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Tutoring Services in the Bronx

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Regardless of your age or level of education, private lessons with an experienced and qualified tutor can give you the extra boost you need to achieve your learning goals. is a premier provider of individualized face-to-face tutoring services throughout the Bronx. We aim to offer quality private tutoring on a flexible schedule that caters to your individual needs, whether you’re studying trigonometry, Portuguese, or physics or are helping your child prepare for the ACT.

In order to best meet your needs, we offer after-school tutoring for all children, including those attending NYC’s top schools, such as Horace Mann, Riverdale, and Fieldston, as well as tutoring at a convenient time for adult students. Many of our teaching staff have obtained their education at high-ranking universities such as MIT, Oxford, and Penn, and all are capable of teaching in multiple subject areas.

Some of our Bronx students include Hattie, an eighth grader who prepared for the SHSAT with the help of one of our tutors, and Stanley, a twenty-four-year-old project manager getting ready to take the GRE. The uniquely customized lessons we provide help our students gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed. If you’re looking for someone to help your child master one of his or her classes or want help preparing for an upcoming exam, contact us today.

Flanked by Westchester County to the north, Queens to the south, Nassau County to the east, and Manhattan to the west, the 42 square miles of the Bronx are home to 1,470,000 people. We work with many of them to provide assistance with preparation for the LSAT and the GMAT, as well as other qualifying tests, and to help young students succeed in classes like Portuguese and chemistry. We work with those studying English as a second language, as well.

We do our best to ensure that the tutoring we provide is flexible enough to meet your individual needs. We can come to your home for face-to-face tutoring or meet you or your child in a public area, like the Bronx Library Center, Starbucks, or a similar suitable location. We will work with you anywhere in the Bronx, New York City, or the greater New York metropolitan area.


We provide services in the following ZIP Codes and beyond: 10453, 10457, 10460, 10458, 10467, 10468, 10451, 10452, 10456, 10454, 10455, 10459, 10474, 10463, 10471, 10466, 10469, 10470, 10475, 10461, 10462,10464, 10465, 10472, and 10473.

While we know that many visitors to the Bronx are able to relax in the serenity of the New York Botanical Garden, we recognize that actual life in NYC can be a little more hectic. Students in NYC face pressure from all sides, whether just starting off in preschool or working on college applications. To help you and your family succeed in your education endeavors, hires only the best tutors in each subject to ensure you’re not short-changed. Many of our tutors come from Ivy League institutions and have achieved perfect or near-perfect test scores, which makes the premier choice for private lessons in the Bronx and the greater NYC area.

Whether you’re spending your weekends roaming through Pelham Bay Park, cheering on your home team at Yankee Stadium, or dining with friends at Antonio’s Trattoria, keep in mind that’s experienced tutors are ready to assist you with all your education pursuits. Contact us today to learn more about the tutoring services we offer right at your doorstep.

We support students of all ages in places like...

  • ​Fieldston

  • North Riverdale

  • Riverdale

...and more.

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