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Join Our NYC Tutoring Ambassador Program!

Empower students to excel academically while earning rewards for your referrals!

Program Benefits:

Become a NYC Tutoring Ambassador and help students reach their academic potential. For every new student you refer who completes their first tutoring session, you'll earn a commission equivalent to 12% of the total revenue generated from your referred student within their first year.

How It Works:

1. Apply

Complete our Ambassador application.

2. Refer

Share the benefits of NYC Tutoring with prospective students.

3. Earn

Receive a 12% commission on the first year of lessons for each successful referral.

Rewards Details:

Direct Commission: Earn a direct payment equivalent to 12% of the first year of lessons purchased by your referred student.

No Caps: The more students you refer, the more you earn. There are no limits on the number of referrals!

Potential earnings for an ambassador based on referring a student who takes 40 lessons in their first year at $150 per lesson:

1. Total value of lessons per year: 40 lessons × $150 per lesson = $6,000

2. Commission at 12%: 12% of $6,000 = $720

So, for every student referred who takes 40 lessons in their first year at $150 per lesson, an ambassador would earn a commission of $720.

To Apply

It’s free and takes 30 seconds.

Do you have a single referral to make?

You don’t need to apply; please simply refer your contact to [EMAIL]. How to refer:


After introducing your contact to what we do and explaining why it's a great fit for their needs, please email them and us (EMAIL) with a warm intro. Here's a rough template:





You and I spoke about tutoring. Luke, CC'd, leads, the firm I told you about. He'd love to chat with you about how the company could help you. He'll reach out with options for a time to talk. To expedite that, please send him your phone number.


All the best,



Do you have (or are you going to find) multiple people to refer?

Please apply to be a New York City tutoring ambassador by filling out the brief form below.


Why apply? It helps us support you with marketing collateral and customer service support as you seek to send referrals our way.

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