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Tutoring Services in Connecticut


One of the most effective methods for achieving academic goals is to use the services of an experienced tutor. The personal instructors at can deliver lessons that specifically address the needs of your student. Our service area includes Western Connecticut, covering New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Wilton, Greenwich, and more. Thus, you can get one-on-one tutoring for your student in science, GMAT preparation, Arabic, math, or almost any other subject. If you have questions or need more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our tutoring staff features graduates of premier universities such as Caltech, Berkeley, and Stanford. All have spent years teaching a variety of subjects. Students from Connecticut’s most prestigious schools, such as the Brunswick School and Greenwich Academy, have taken advantage of our after-school tutoring, but we offer adult tutoring, as well, helping students of all ages in Western Connecticut. Emma, a second grader, received one-on-one lessons in elementary reading, and Jacob, a thirty-three-year-old web designer, learned Arabic with the help of one of our tutors. For both students, the personalized instruction boosted their confidence and helped them master their subjects more quickly than they could on their own.

The area of Western Connecticut that we serve is bordered by Litchfield to the north, Long Island Sound to the south, the city of New Haven to the east, and Westchester County to the west. The area is large, at 623 square miles, and is home to 609,000 people, many of whom are students. We help these students by preparing them for tests like the MCAT and SAT. We also support them in studying for classes such as biology and history. In addition, we help native Spanish speakers who are new to the area with learning English as a second language.

Our goal is to make our tutoring service convenient and stress-free, no matter where you and your student reside in Western Connecticut. To make it easier for you, we provide in-home sessions but can also meet at nearby public locations, such as the Westport Public Library or Café Dolce, at 345 Main Ave. in Norwalk. We are dedicated to providing private tutoring no matter where you live in Western Connecticut, NYC, or the greater New York metropolitan area.


For your reference, we serve the following ZIP Codes and adjacent areas: 06752, 06801, 06810, 06804, 06811, 06877, 06820, 06830, 06831, 06840, 06812, 06776, 06470, 06482, 06850, 06851, 06853, 06854, 06855, 06856, 06880, 06897, 06877, 06896, 06831, 06901, 06902, 06903, 06905, 06906, 06907, and 06883.

When you’re a resident of Western Connecticut, you can’t always afford to be as casual as the tourists visiting the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. There are societal pressures to get your children into the top schools (starting in preschool and extending all the way to college). To relieve some of that burden, we provide you with high-quality tutoring right in your home. We put each tutor through a rigorous screening and testing process to ensure students are supported by only the best. Many of them have earned degrees at Ivy League universities and achieved perfect or nearly perfect test scores. Our highly qualified staff makes us the top choice for private instruction in Western Connecticut.

We want the tutoring experience with your student to be convenient. So continue your daily routine in Western Connecticut, spending Sundays at Sherwood Island State Park, taking a walk by the Grace Farms River Building, dining at Tablao in Norwalk, and know that is the best choice to help your student reach his or her learning goals. Contact us today to learn how our service can help you or your child excel.

We support students of all ages in towns and cities near New York like...

  • ​Darien
  • Easton

  • Fairfield

  • Greenwich

  • New Canaan

  • Redding

  • Ridgefield

  • Weston

  • Westport

  • Wilton

...and more.

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