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TACHS Test Prep and Tutoring Services

TACHS Test Prep and Tutoring Services

The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, also known as TACHS, is open to all eighth-graders who wish to gain admission into Catholic high schools in the diocese of Brooklyn and Queens and the archdiocese of New York. Since students have only one chance to take the test, it’s vital to prepare diligently and thoroughly, and the guidance of a specialized TACHS tutor can help immensely. Here at, we hire only private instructors who have proven their expertise through their impressive academic backgrounds and extensive teaching experience. Our tutors customize their lessons to fit each student’s goals and abilities, making for effective lessons that prepare your student well. In addition to TACHS, we offer tutoring in a wide range of subjects. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us now.

One-on-one tutoring puts your student’s needs at the forefront and allows him or her to learn at an individual pace. Such specialized preparation equips young scholars with the knowledge and skills they need to perform well on the TACHS. We’ve already worked with students from all over New York to prepare for the TACHS, and the results of our tutoring are evident in the high local and national percentiles they receive. Our students also report increased levels of confidence going into the TACHS, and confidence is an important element of success on admissions
tests such as this one, the SHSAT, and the SAT.

The TACHS sees thousands of hopeful Catholic high school applicants every year from all across New York City. They come from diverse backgrounds and have differing abilities and aspirations, but they all have one goal in common—being accepted into one of the fine Catholic high schools in NYC, such as St. Edmund Preparatory High School, Convent of the Sacred Heart, or Regis High School. Despite each student’s unique situation, capabilities, and dreams, our professional tutors will personalize their lessons to best fit your student and give him or her the best possible preparation for this important and life-changing test.

All over New York—whether in
Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, or Brooklyn—you can find abundant tutoring services. However, they’re not all equal. Not all New York tutors possess the proper education background and experience to usher students into the TACHS with the right skills and confidence. At, we hire only proven professional instructors with strong qualifications and years of teaching experience, so you can rest assured they know exactly how to best individualize instruction to prepare your young scholar for admission into an NYC Catholic high school. With only one chance to take the test, it’s not worth it to take a gamble on less experienced tutors. Set your student up with the pros.

How can we be sure we hire only the best tutors in all of NYC? To gain a spot on our exclusive tutoring team, all applicants are subject to a strict screening process and must complete a rigorous knowledge test to demonstrate their capabilities. Additionally, their degrees from top-ranked schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge speak for themselves. Our instructors aced their high school placement tests when they were your student’s age, so your student can truly learn from the best. Our private tutors know exactly how to prepare for important and stressful tests like the TACHS and will instruct your student in the various areas covered by the test, including
math, reading, and general reasoning skills.

Many tutoring services offer inflexible schedules and require a special trip to the instructor’s location. We’re different. Our professional private tutors can meet you at your own home or in a public location of your choice, such as a cozy Starbucks in
TriBeCa or a quiet library in Brooklyn Heights. We’ll meet you whenever and wherever is most convenient for you to make sure your student can prepare for the TACHS exam easily and comfortably.

What distinguishes us from the competition? Simple. Our highly individualized lessons target exactly what your student needs to work on to succeed at the TACHS. With content geared toward your student’s interests, we make the learning process not only effective but also enjoyable, boosting your young scholar’s confidence. And if you’d like to take advantage of our services after your student takes the TACHS, we have private tutors for
almost all possible subjects who can teach children of all ages as well as adults.

If you’re ready to work with NYC’s best tutors to prepare for the TACHS,
get in contact with us today.

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