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Take One-on-One Flute Lessons in NYC


Do you love the flute? If you’re looking to learn this cherished instrument in New York City—or you want lessons for your child to learn it—you need look no further than We’re passionate about the flute, and we love showing new learners all the wonderful aspects of this musical art. Our private flute lessons are available to New Yorkers of all ages, skill levels, and interests—we make sure to construct our lessons so they fit your needs and goals. Our instructors are experienced professionals in not just the flute but many other subjects—see our full list of our subjects to discover what else you can learn in the Big Apple.

Deciding whether you or your child really needs private flute lessons can be a difficult decision. What you should consider is how skilled you want to become. If you truly want to do well at your new craft, working with an experienced one-on-one instructor is the best strategy. If you teach yourself, it’s all too easy to develop negative habits—and those can be hard to unlearn. So, save yourself the pain by learning with a professional tutor right from the beginning. Whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx, our professional tutors are ready to show you the joys of the flute. Don’t wait to reach out to us!

Forms of flutes have been around for thousands of years. The oldest flutes ever discovered originated in Slovenia 43,000 years ago and southwestern Germany 35,000 years ago. Flute-like instruments have appeared in cultures throughout history, including China, India, Sumer, and Native American cultures. The Western concert flute, the typical flute in the modern-day Western world, dates back to roughly AD 1200. Nowadays, the flute is primarily used in classical music, although it’s found a niche in pop and rock, such as with pop star Lizzo. In other words, the flute can fit anyone’s tastes. Our tutors are trained to help students develop their own flute style and play the music they’re interested in.

How easy is it to find private flute tutoring services in NYC? Not that hard—but that doesn’t mean all the flute teachers you find are good. Unfortunately, many aren’t—they lack the necessary qualifications to properly instruct students, or they teach with a rigid structure that ignores students’ interests and wishes. It’s not worth investing in a flute tutoring service that doesn’t deliver personalized, high-quality instruction. At, personalized, high-quality instruction is what we specialize in—so we’d be thrilled to help you in your flute journey, regardless of your needs and goals.

We take pride in the quality of our flute tutors. We only allow NYC’s best flutists to teach on our tutoring team, ensuring effective, engaging lessons every time. Our flute experts have been playing the flute since childhood, continuously honing their competencies throughout their lives. Their passion for their instrument is unmatched, and nothing brings them joy quite like passing on this love for the flute to eager new students. We’re confident that our flute tutors can deliver the flexible, customized flute lessons you want for yourself or your child, all on your schedule.

At, we emphasize flexibility and accommodation in our tutoring approach. Normally, we’re happy to meet our students at public locations like cafés or libraries. When it comes to the flute, it’s hard to practice in a public space—but we give you all the control over the precise location! If you want to practice at home, we can go anywhere in the New York City metro area. You can also practice at a relative’s or a friend’s home if it’s in the NYC metro area. This means we cover NYC neighborhoods like Turtle Bay, the Garment District, and Red Hook, as well as certain places in New Jersey and Connecticut.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much you already know. is the tutoring service for everyone—young and old, absolute beginner and blossoming professional. Since our flute tutors are at the top of their game, they can help anyone in New York City improve their flute technique. Of course, our instructors always take into consideration your individual needs and goals, as well. That’s the same approach we take to all the other subjects we teach, which you may also be interested in exploring.

We want to help you reach your flute goals. It starts by reaching out: send us a message today to start your fluting journey.

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