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Tutoring Services for Students Who Struggle with Executive Functioning


We believe in helping everyone achieve a high-quality education.

At, we offer top-quality tutoring services to a diverse array of students from all across the five boroughs of New York City, working with students across a multitude of subjects, ages, skill levels, and circumstances. The journey of knowledge is also a rewarding one, no matter your age or what you’re learning, and we’re proud to be a part of this journey for people all across the Big Apple. Our tutors are also passionate about helping make educational opportunities more accessible to those with circumstances that can complicate the learning process. That’s why we’ve compiled a team of experts who know how to cater to students struggling with executive functioning.


Executive dysfunction is a complex disorder that may manifest in various ways detrimental to the learning process. The disorder may also present as a comorbidity of other neurological disorders, including autism and especially ADHD, of which executive dysfunction is a core characteristic. However, although students struggling with executive functioning are at a disadvantage compared to neurotypical peers, with knowledgeable and compassionate guidance of experts, they can achieve the same level of success as anyone else. At, we’re here to help any students in NYC with executive dysfunction reach their potential. If you would like to discuss tutoring options for your student with executive dysfunction, send us a message today.


Tutoring sessions that cater to the difficulties of students struggling with executive functioning.


Students with executive dysfunction may face challenges in a neurotypical classroom, but when lessons are modified to accommodate such students’ needs, they see far more success. Access to tailored learning opportunities serves to improve not only a student’s grades and education level but also their confidence, as it removes many of the obstacles that neurotypical environments present. Students who struggle with executive functioning have the same level of cognitive ability as neurotypical students but struggle with planning, organizing, and initiating tasks as well as regulating emotions, and a professional tutor with expertise in executive dysfunction can provide the guidance necessary to help these students realize their full academic potential.


At, we make it easy for students and their parents to customize their learning plan to best fit their needs. Executive dysfunction presents differently in each student, and one student may excel in areas that another student struggles with. Our expert tutors carefully design personalized lesson plans that address the individual strengths, weaknesses, needs, and interests of your student, and we’re always amenable to modifying our approach in accordance with your child’s continuous growth and changing needs. We want to work together to give your student the best education we can.


Flexibility that makes our tutoring sessions more convenient than ever.


The study environment can play a big role in one’s learning journey—both for students with executive dysfunction and neurotypical students. New York City is a big city, full of wonderful places to learn, including cozy cafés and local libraries, and our tutors are available to meet anywhere within the NYC metro area (including Long Island and parts of Westchester County, Connecticut, and New Jersey). We can also meet in the comfort of your own home, where it may be even easier to tailor our teaching approach to the needs of your student with executive dysfunction. If you have any requests for our educational journey with your child, simply let us know—we’re highly adaptable.


We can teach students struggling with executive functioning anything they’d like to learn. Our offerings include virtually any subject taught at grade school, including elementary reading or high school math, as well as subjects like chemistry, history, or economics. If your student is preparing for any sort of standardized test, we can also help them study for it—some examples of the exams we work with include the SAT, the SHSAT, and TOEFL. Additionally, we can help your student with executive dysfunction learn a new language or instrument, whether as part of their school studies or independently. For languages we offer, examples include Spanish, German, and Chinese, while some of the instruments we teach include the piano, violin, and clarinet.

Making great education more accessible in NYC.

Education enriches life, no matter your age, location, skill level, or cognitive functioning. We’re proud to work with lifelong learners from all areas of New York City, both neurotypical and neurodiverse. Our tutors who specialize in teaching students with executive dysfunction are passionate about improving the lives of students with additional challenges, helping them achieve their goals and build their confidence to thrive in life. To discuss how our personalized tutoring services can help your student struggling with executive functioning, contact us today.

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