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Chinese Tutoring Services in NYC

Chinese tutoring

From its thousands of unique hanzi to its difficult tones, Chinese is a notoriously complicated language to learn. Without assistance from professional Chinese language experts, learning the language may be extremely time-consuming. However, here at, our mission is to aid all Chinese language learners in New York City. Our customized lessons, tailored to perfectly suit your level, learning style, and interests, will propel you ever closer to fluency. Whether the lessons are for you or your child, whether Mandarin or Cantonese, whether Simplified or Traditional Chinese, our expert teachers will provide top-notch educational assistance. And Chinese isn’t the only thing we teach, either. See a comprehensive list of all the subjects we offer.

It’s never easy to know whether you truly require tutoring services. Will your Mandarin language classes or Cantonese textbook suffice? We can’t know that, but what we do know is that no matter what sort of methods you’re already applying, supplementing them with professional private Chinese tutoring sessions will afford you major benefits. Learners of all ages and skill levels from all across the giant metropolis of New York City have already digested difficult grammatical concepts, mastered the art of writing hanzi (a challenge even in Simplified Chinese), and dramatically enhanced their confidence thanks to our talented tutors. Reach out today to get started.

With over a billion native speakers when considering the entire range of Chinese languages, Chinese is one of the most popular languages to learn. People from across New York, the USA, and the world are buckling down and diving into this language rich with culture. All the learners have their own reasons and goals for learning the language, whether they’re learning Mandarin to attract business clients in China or Traditional Chinese to write to relatives in Taiwan. Our experienced tutors personalize each and every lesson to suit your individual goals and ensure the most effective Chinese tutoring experience possible.

There are other tutoring companies in New York. There are a lot of them, actually. But you have to be careful, as not all these tutoring services will deliver the first-rate Chinese lessons you deserve. Some tutors in NYC lack the necessary credentials and knowledge to instruct you in the Chinese language. At best, you’ll progress slowly, and at worst, they’ll just confuse you. Such lackluster tutoring services aren’t worth your time. Luckily, there are also plenty of superbly talented Chinese language tutors in the City That Never Sleeps, and they’re on the team.

We at ensure we provide the best tutoring in all of New York by strictly screening all candidates and having them undertake rigorously demanding knowledge assessments. Our teachers, fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese, have proven their expertise in Chinese language instruction, and they boast extensive teaching experience, having already assisted countless satisfied students. In addition, as graduates of such prestigious colleges as Caltech and Yale, our instructors are high achievers. All these credentials ensure they’re able to masterfully aid you with all aspects of the Chinese language, including the four tones of Mandarin or the six tones of Cantonese, the pinyin system, and the stroke order of Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters.

Worried about location? Don’t be. We’ll never ask you to make a special trip, because you’re always in charge of the lesson location. Whether in TriBeCa, Carnegie Hill, Murray Hill, or even a New York suburb such as Bronxville, we’ll take our personalized Chinese lessons right to you. We can meet at your home, at a library, at a café, or any other location that suits you—we’re flexible! We customize the entire tutoring experience for your ultimate convenience.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Anyone can learn Chinese! You’re never too old to pick up a new language, and we’ll support you regardless of your current level, whether you can already read literature or struggle to even say “hello” (it’s ni hao, by the way). With after-school or adult tutoring sessions at the time and location of your choosing, we assure you there’s no better way to master the Chinese language in New York City.

Ready to blow away your Chinese or Taiwanese friends with your language skills? Get in touch, and we can get started immediately.

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