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Tutoring Services in Manhattan’s Little Italy

Little Italy, Manhattan

Seeking professional tutoring services for you or your child in Little Italy, Manhattan? Don’t settle for just any tutoring service: Place your education in the most skilled hands. offers first-rate private lessons in countless subjects to children and adults alike. We understand that everyone has unique needs, strengths, weaknesses, and goals, which is why we carefully design each lesson to specifically fulfill each individual student’s expectations. From Portuguese and trigonometry to preparation for the grueling ISEE or GMAT, our subjects are as diverse as our students. No matter your goal, we can help you, too, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our tutors are graduates of some of the world’s best, most highly ranked schools, including the University of Chicago, Cambridge, and Berkeley. In addition to their impressive alma maters, they also possess vast experience teaching their subjects. They’ve already worked with schoolchildren at some of NYC’s most prestigious grade schools, such as Packer, Friends Seminary, and Poly Prep, and they’ve helped numerous ambitious adult learners excel in their endeavors.

Many of the students who’ve benefited from our services are residents of Little Italy, such as Yvette, an executive compensation consultant whose German proficiency skyrocketed when she began taking private tutoring sessions with our professional instructor. We also helped Fernando, a twelfth-grade student aspiring to enter med school, practice for the SAT. (He passed with flying colors!) Thanks to our passionate, dedicated tutors, both these students were able to confidently achieve their goals.

With Greenwich Village lying to the north, Chinatown to the south, the Lower East Side to the east, and SoHo to the west, Manhattan’s Little Italy occupies 33 acres and houses 5,600 people. Among these are ambitious youth preparing for the MCAT and LSAT qualifying exams, high school students attempting to deepen their knowledge of calculus and history, and Chinese native speakers new to the area and in need of enhanced English proficiency. If you’re among Little Italy’s ambitious learners, get in touch with us now.

Whereas other tutoring services require students to make a trip out to their facilities, we strive to provide the most convenient tutoring in all of New York City. We leave the location entirely up to you—we want you to be comfortable, after all, and the study environment can have a major impact on a student’s comfort levels. You may want to study right at home, and in that case, we’ll come over. Maybe you’d like to study at a public location instead. If so, just name one. How about the Starbucks at 241 Canal St.? Perhaps the Mulberry Street Library? Whether you’re situated in ZIP Codes 10012, 10013, or beyond, anywhere in Manhattan, NYC, or the New York metropolitan area, our phenomenal tutors will meet you to supply you with the tutoring experience of a lifetime.

Little Italy is famous among tourists for the Italian American Museum, but locals have a different image of the city. Living here, we know just how difficult the NYC lifestyle really is. Throughout your school career, you’re faced with intense pressure to perform exceptionally and land a slot at the incredibly competitive prestigious colleges that populate New York and the surrounding states. You need a true expert to help guide you through this tough academic environment. We at subject all potential hires to stringent examinations to ensure they meet our high standards of quality, so we assure you our tutors are the best of the best. Since many have graduated from Ivy League institutions, they know how to succeed in New York City’s fierce, competitive environment, and they’re eager to teach you what they know.

So take a stroll through Sara D. Roosevelt Park and walk by the Church of the Most Precious Blood on your way to your dinner date at Lombardi’s. Don’t sacrifice the richness of life in Little Italy. We promise you’ll improve so quickly and dramatically with our talented tutors’ assistance that you won’t need to spend any more time on education worries. Get in contact with us today, and we’ll devise a learning plan perfect for you and your goals.

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