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Regents Social Studies Professional Tutors

Regents Social Studies Professional Tutors

The Regents examinations are among the most important tests a New York high schooler takes. Passing earns test-takers the Regents diploma—also known as the New York high school diploma—so it’s crucial to be well prepared. One of the Regents exam categories is social studies, and if your student is looking for extra help preparing for these tests, look no further than As New Yorkers, we know the Regents exams well, and with our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we know exactly how to help young scholars prepare for these rigorous tests. We tailor all our instruction to the individual student, because not everyone learns the same way. In addition to Regents social studies test preparation, we have tutors specialized in many different areas, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in additional tutoring.

Don’t underestimate the power of individualized face-to-face instruction with a professional tutor. The help we provide your student could be instrumental to his or her success in the tests, as our previous students from all over NYC have claimed. We endeavor to not only teach students the necessary social studies knowledge and skills to pass these Regents
exams but also instill in them the confidence necessary to face examinations this daunting. Whether you’re taking the Regents exams, LSAT, or ISEE, the gentle guidance of a professional private instructor is an invaluable resource.

Every year sees thousands of New York high schoolers complete the various Regents social studies
examinations. The students, from every corner of NYC, with varying skill levels and strengths and interests, all have one common goal, no matter which Regents social studies test they’re taking: They all want to earn the Regents diploma. However, due to their differences, it doesn’t make sense for them to all study in the same manner. Our phenomenal tutors recognize that individualized lesson plans are key for each student’s success, and they’re masters at tailoring lesson content for the maximum benefit of students.

It’s no secret that there are tons of tutoring agencies all over
Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. But if you thought all these services were equal, you’d be sorely mistaken. Some of these companies hire tutors with insufficient credentials and little experience, and they simply aren’t able to deliver on their promises. is different—we hire only industry-leading instructors who are experts in their specialties and who have the experience to know how best to teach students. Don’t waste your time and money on subpar tutors. Hire only the best.

Our tutors are the most qualified in all of the Big Apple. How can we be so sure? The strict screening process we put candidates through ensures a filtered pool of high-quality applicants, who then must take our stringent knowledge assessment, which only the best can pass. Having graduated from such world-renowned schools as Harvard, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania, our teachers know their subjects like the backs of their hands, and they have the extensive experience required to be able to teach them effectively. Before enrolling in these prestigious institutes, our teachers passed the Regents exams themselves, meaning they can expertly prepare your student for the challenge. There are various Regents social studies tests, but our teachers can prepare your child in all areas of
social studies, including history, geography, and government.

We don’t believe in wasting clients’ time. While other tutoring agencies often require clients to meet tutors at predefined locations, we’re flexible. We’ll go wherever is most convenient for you. It could be your own living room, a comfy Starbucks in
Gramercy, a nice public library in Cobble Hill, or anywhere else you’d like to prepare for the Regents social studies tests—it’s completely up to you! Just name a location in NYC, and we’ll be there!

We ensure the highest-quality tutoring services through the highly customizable lesson plans our teachers offer, tailored precisely to your student’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Our goal is to teach your child effectively and efficiently, instilling a love for learning along the way. After your student has passed the Regents social studies
exams, we hope he or she will go on to pursue a lifetime of learning. Should your student wish to learn more about other subjects following a successful high school graduation, we have tutors in nearly every field imaginable eager to help broaden his or her horizons.

Your student deserves the best tutoring services in NYC.
Reach out to us now to get the process started.

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