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How to Find the Right SAT Tutoring Service in NYC

A good SAT score is crucial to your child’s success, and one of the best options to help your child achieve his or her ambitious college plans is to hire a qualified, experienced tutor. We provide experienced tutors who can help students improve their SAT scores. Contact us for more information on rates and options.

SAT tutoring in NYC is an important investment. While ineffective tutoring can waste your time and money, guidance from the right tutor can catapult your child into a successful start to college life. In such a big city, you might wonder how you can find the right SAT tutor. Here are three top tips for finding quality SAT tutoring in NYC.

Does the Tutor Have a High SAT Score?

Although it might seem obvious, an SAT tutor who was successful on his or her own SAT will be infinitely better than a tutor who has never taken the test or was unsuccessful.

It’s no secret that the SAT is not simply a test of knowledge. Instead, it’s also a test of how well you take the test itself. New York City tutors who have gained results in the 99th percentile will be equipped with knowledge of what’s on the test and will know tips and tricks for taking the test.

Is the Tutor an Effective Teacher?

It’s not enough for a tutor to have taken the test. Your tutor should be able to help determine your child’s weaknesses, which may be related to his or her test strategy, knowledge of the material, or ability to stay focused. Then, your tutor should prepare engaging lessons to target those weaknesses so your child can progress steadily over time.

A good way to check for a New York tutor’s aptitude at teaching is to ask for his or her track record. A tutor who has had high success rates with previous students can clearly prepare a series of lessons tailored to individual needs that provide critical independent thinking and problem-solving skills. Ask for references so you can hear about your tutor’s experience.

Does Your Tutor Know SAT Strategies and the Test Structure Well?

Students can use many strategies to improve their test score beyond simply learning the material. For example, if your child’s math score is currently in the 300 to 500 range and you would like it to reach 600, your child could focus on the first 80% of the questions in each subsection and then simply fill in guesses for the remaining 20%. This is often effective because questions in each subsection progress in terms of difficulty. By focusing on the easy and mid-level questions, he or she may be able to get more of them right and achieve that desired 600 score.

This is just one example of a strategy that can improve your child’s score. An effective SAT tutor will be able to guide your child to an arsenal of strategies that work for his or her ability and target score.

Additionally, it’s worth asking a prospective tutor about recent changes to the SAT. A well-informed NYC tutor will be knowledgeable about changes to the test in order to best prepare students. Tutors who cannot display this knowledge may not be as adept at preparing your child for the current series of tests.

Have questions? Get in touch with us. Where we have experienced, highly qualified tutors who teach in the greater New York area, including the Bronx, Long Island, and even New Jersey and Connecticut.


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