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How to Find the Right Math Tutoring Service in NYC

Parents hire math tutors for a variety of reasons: to give slipping grades a boost, to prepare kids for upcoming exams like the SAT or SSAT, or to give bright youngsters an extra challenge.

Whatever your reasons for giving your student an extra push, choosing the right tutor is a vital and often challenging task. Math tutoring in NYC is available in many forms for students of all ages, levels, and goals, but finding the best tutor for your student could take some digging.

Here are four questions to ask when looking for a math tutoring service, whether in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens. Contact us to learn more.

What Is Your Experience?

Good mathematics tutors are as skilled in teaching as they are in calculus, geometry, and trigonometry. A mathematical genius could be a terrible teacher if he or she doesn’t have teaching experience, patience, and communication skills.

Ask your potential tutor how long he or she has been teaching, in addition to requesting information about any qualifications, certifications, or credentials.

When working with an NYC math tutoring service, make sure to request references for both the service and the individual tutor.

Do You Teach to the Test?

Different math tutors may take vastly different approaches to teaching the same curriculum.

Some mathematics teachers “teach to the test” or focus heavily on preparing students for standardized exams. Critics of this method argue that it places too much emphasis on raising test scores and memorization rather than ensuring students actually understand the underlying concepts.

Alternatively, other New York tutors may favor concept-based teaching, which focuses on conceptual understanding as well as the development of creative and abstract thinking. Be sure to interview your potential tutor on his or her preferred method and consider what’s best for your child and goals.

Will You Assign Homework?

Assigning homework can be a useful strategy for reinforcing what students learn in the tutoring session, enabling them to practice and work through challenges on their own. However, you may not want your tutor to assign homework if your child already has a demanding workload from school.

Make sure you discuss and communicate your feelings about homework with your potential NYC math tutor to make sure you’re on the same page.

How Will You Encourage Independent Learning?

Working with a tutor should ultimately provide your student with the tools and motivation needed to become an independent, engaged learner.

When interviewing a prospective math tutor in New York City, inquire about his or her long-term strategy for helping a child excel in mathematics even after the tutoring relationship is over.

Get Help Finding the Right Math Tutoring Service in NYC

The search for the perfect math tutoring service for your student can be daunting and time-consuming. For assistance locating a highly qualified, reputable math tutor in New York, get in touch with us.

We’re dedicated to helping parents across New York City connect with experienced, vetted, and compassionate tutors. We have tutors that specialize in all levels of math, from elementary to high school math, and even specialized areas, such as computer science. We’ll work around your schedule and come to you, conducting sessions at your home, your child’s school, or whatever location is most convenient for you.

Reach out today to learn how our NYC math tutoring service can help your child boost scores and develop a lasting enthusiasm for math.


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