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SSAT Tutoring and Test Prep in NYC

SSAT tutoring

If you want your student thoroughly prepared to take the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), then consider hiring a tutor from With support from an experienced professional tutor, your elementary school, middle school, or high school student can achieve SSAT success. Our tutors possess the qualities necessary to ensure your child can excel: exceptional instruction skills, strong education backgrounds, and years of tutoring experience. Most importantly, our tutors customize lessons to meet the specific needs of your student, whether those needs are for test preparation or targeted instruction in almost any subject. If you have questions or want to get started right away, contact us.

You might question whether your student needs additional support for SSAT preparation. Other NYC students we’ve helped would tell you what a difference our tutoring can make. The students we’ve tutored in the SSAT registered higher scores and showed a more thorough understanding of the test’s complexities than their peers. They also reported feeling more confident with support from a tutor.

In the United States every year, approximately 55,000 determined students, many of them in the Big Apple, take the SSAT, and each has a specific learning goal to reach. It is with this in mind that we dedicate our service to helping students reach their specific goals through individualized tutoring sessions. The goals could be as straightforward as achieving a certain score or as specific as getting admitted to a prestigious prep school in or outside of New York City, such as Horace Mann, Collegiate, Riverdale, Exeter, Andover, Choate, or St. Paul’s. This dedication to personal instruction is what we can offer that other services cannot.

Many individuals and companies in New York City offer tutoring services, so parents must be able to discern which tutoring services can truly deliver on the promise to help students excel. Tutors require education and teaching skills. They require a strong academic background and a personal touch that can challenge students and boost their confidence. Some tutoring options in NYC lack these qualities. does not. Our private SSAT instructors know how to prepare students to take the Secondary School Admission Test, so don’t waste your money hiring a tutor without this experience.

We’re confident that our tutors are the most experienced. Our standards are high. We use a thorough screening process and rigorous testing to ensure we hire only the best. They have earned top test scores and graduated from Ivy League schools such as Penn as well as other premier schools like MIT. The depth of our tutors’ knowledge sets us apart and positions them to best help your student, whether in elementary school, middle school, or high school. Our tutors can support your student in mastering all portions of the SSAT, including the quantitative, reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and essay sections.

We believe tutoring sessions are more effective when they’re hassle-free, so we’ll meet your student wherever and whenever is convenient for you. You decide, unlike with other tutoring services that decide for you. We can meet your student at a Starbucks in Boerum Hill, at your Downtown home, or in another location within the New York metropolitan area. A personal SSAT tutor can even come to your Alpine, New Jersey, home for one-on-one instruction.

No matter the ages or skill levels of the students, our private SSAT teachers will customize the experience for them with the intent of improving both their skills and their confidence. We offer our service in after-school settings for children, and we also provide adult tutoring in other subjects.

Whether you live in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, or outside the city, we can provide you with the best tutoring in the area. Don’t wait. Contact us today.

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