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Geometry Regents Study Guide and Exam Tips

What’s on the Geometry Regents Exam?

The Geometry Regents Exam gives more weight to some areas of geometry than others. To determine which areas are more important on the Geometry Regents, take a look at the study guide from the New York State Department of Education at, which includes a breakdown of the test categories and their weights.

Some topics, such as congruence and similarity, right triangles, and trigonometry, make up a much larger percentage of the Regents test than others, such as circles or geometric measurement and dimensions. You should, of course, study all the topics on the test, but if you’re pressed for time, concentrate on the two with the biggest weights. You should still be able to obtain an overall good score even if you score well only in these two areas.

Passing the Geometry Regents Exam: 5 Tips

1. Use past Geometry Regents Exams as references.

On the Regents website, you can find the Geometry Regents Exams of past years complete with an answer key. Take this opportunity to practice taking the test. This will help you familiarize yourself with the exam layout and identify your areas of weakness.

2. Study the reference sheet.

You will be provided with a reference sheet when you take the Geometry Regents Exam. Look it over carefully so that you study the information and formulas that aren’t included and don’t waste your time memorizing those that are.

As soon as the exam starts, write down any information or formulas you’ve memorized so that you can reference them later during the test. This way, you can focus more attention on the test itself.

3. Start studying early.

Don’t cram. It’s a stressful, inefficient method that almost guarantees underperformance. Instead, start your Geometry Regents prep several weeks or even months before you take the test. Study a bit every day, giving yourself lots of time to internalize the information without stressing yourself out.

Starting in advance also gives you enough time to seek out the aid of a professional NYC math tutor like one of ours. Math tutors can narrow in on your weaknesses and provide the help you need to maximize your knowledge and skills. With personalized instruction tailored to your needs, you can prepare for the Geometry Regents Exam efficiently.

4. Use free resources.

There are tons of resources to help you prepare for the Geometry Regents Exam. Take advantage of them. Whether you prefer to use review packets, sign up for online courses, or study with flashcards, use all the resources you think can benefit you. Studying with these materials will give you plenty of exposure to the concepts tested on the Geometry Regents.

It’s a good idea to write down any questions or problems you encounter while studying independently for the Regents exam so that you can ask your teacher or private tutor next time you see him or her. This ensures you won’t forget important questions or any challenges you’ve had when you’re talking with the people who can help you overcome them.

5. Study proofs.

In many cases, students are looking to score high on the Geometry Regents Exam, not just to pass it. In order to score 90 or higher, you’ll need a good grasp on all of the concepts, including the most difficult ones. The most challenging topic on this Regents exam is typically triangle proofs.

Make sure to spend ample time on congruence and triangle proofs during your Geometry Regents prep. If you’re struggling with this area, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or a professional NYC math tutor.


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