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Music Theory Tutoring in NYC

Conductor's baton on sheet music

Anyone in New York City who wishes to learn about music theory is in luck: offers music theory tutoring services. Our team comprises top-level instructors from across NYC with deep experience in music, so whether you’re a beginner or already advanced, they can help you. Our tutors customize each lesson for your individual needs and goals to make sure you learn what you want to. Our teachers can prepare lessons for children and adults alike, so whether you’re looking to start your child off in a life of music or learn some music theory yourself, you can rely on our top-quality tutors. Should you wish to learn a different subject as well, just check out the list of other subjects we offer tutoring services for.

It’s certainly possible to learn music theory on your own, but the gentle guidance of a professional tutor cannot be underestimated. With our instructors, you’ll boost your studying efficiency and meet your goals faster and more effectively. With individualized lessons designed to target your weaknesses and foster your strengths, you’ll find your music theory skills quickly improve. Students from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens have already experienced the dramatic improvement our tutoring sessions trigger. If you’d like to discuss how our tutors can help you master music theory, contact us now!

Music enriches everyone. With massive diversity in genre, music can elevate anyone’s mood and add inspiration and color to life. If you’d like to learn an instrument or understand more about the fascinating phenomenon of music, studying music theory is the perfect introduction, and we have just the tutors to help you in your journey. Our instructors work with students to understand their musical preferences and create personalized lessons that engage and inspire, no matter what your goals and tastes are. With one-on-one lessons, you can experience the top tutoring talent in the Big Apple—that’s what you get with

​Our tutors are masters of music theory.

It’s easy to find music tutoring companies in NYC, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equally good. In fact, many music theory tutors in NYC lack the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver the top-notch lessons that will really help you home in on your music theory competencies. Here at, we hire only the top music theory instructors in New York City, meaning you can trust our tutors’ expertise and teaching skills. If you want to learn music theory effectively, you can count on our tutoring team.

It’s not easy to join our team as a tutor. Anyone looking to teach music theory on our team must be a bona fide expert with extensive experience in music and teaching. They’ve passed the strict assessments we have prospective teachers take to verify their expertise and are ready to help students across the City That Never Sleeps improve their music theory knowledge. Our instructors are passionate about helping NYC students master the art of music one note at a time, tailoring their tutoring style to best match your learning preferences. So, if you want to learn music theory in NYC, we’re here for you.

We can come to you anywhere in NYC.​

No matter where you are in NYC, our tutors will go to you. There’s no need for you to make a special trip out to our facilities—our instructors teach you in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else of your choice). From Hell’s Kitchen, to Greenwood Heights, to the Upper West Side, our teachers are prepared to travel anywhere within the NYC metro area (even select New Jersey and Connecticut locations!) to deliver top-quality music theory lessons to you with maximum convenience. Whether it’s your own home, a quiet public library, or a cozy café, with us, you can take your music theory lessons your way.

Our music theory teachers are here to ensure New Yorkers of all ages can delve deep into their musical interests, establishing an understanding of the foundation of music. Children and adults alike can benefit from our individualized and engaging lessons that teach you what you want to learn in the way you want to learn it. All ages and levels are welcome, so if you’d like to take advantage of the expertise of our music theory tutors, don’t hesitate to reach out. If there’s anything else you’d like to learn, too, take a gander at our list of subjects.

We’re the number one solution for music theory lessons in New York City. Talk to our team today about your first session.

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