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Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Private Tutoring Services


If you’re a resident of Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood looking for high-quality private tutoring in just about any subject, you’re in luck. At, your success is our mission—whether you’re 7 or 70, whether you want to learn high school science, German, or the violin. Our tutors work diligently with each student to identify their unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals in order to design lesson plans that best match their individual ambitions. That’s what makes us such an effective private tutoring service for residents of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the broader New York City.

Our one-on-one tutoring team is comprised of the best private instructors from around NYC, including Greenpoint. We value quality above all else when we screen new tutoring candidates, carefully examining each applicant’s educational background. Most of our tutors hold degrees from top schools across NYC and the US, among them Yale, Cornell, and Princeton. But alma mater alone isn’t enough—we have each candidate take a rigorous test to demonstrate their expertise in their subject as well as their teaching skills. In this way, we can ensure that all our tutors have what it takes to help Greenpoint students, even those from top grade schools like St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy.

We boast a long list of satisfied students across all age groups and subjects. Just in Greenpoint, we’ve worked with Lucia, a 2nd-grader who needed help with her elementary reading skills. Now she’s a voracious reader with an unsatiable appetite for good books. We’ve also helped Jeremy, an ambitious young law student from Greenpoint, who needed our assistance preparing for the rigorous LSAT. With our guidance, he scored in the top percentile and is flourishing in law school. Another of our Greenpoint students was Yolanda, an energetic grandmother who finally set out to fulfill her lifelong ambition to learn French. With our help, she was conversational in no time and has now enjoyed several trips to France. Essentially, our tutors can help anyone in Greenpoint achieve their educational goals, no matter what they are.

Greenpoint isn’t small; in fact, it covers 1,762 acres of Brooklyn. Bordering East Williamsburg and Long Island City, Greenpoint is home to a whopping 151,308 people, many of whom harbor great ambitions. At, we’re committed to helping as many Greenpoint residents as possible with our personalized lessons, guiding them to success in tests like IELTS or in brushing up on their history knowledge. Greenpoint has a lot of inhabitants, but we’re not intimated, so, if you want high-quality tutoring services, contact us now.

One of the biggest differentiating factors between and other NYC tutoring services is the convenience we offer. Our private teachers are committed to holding tutoring sessions wherever you want in ZIP codes 11222 and 11211. Actually, we’re not limited to Greenpoint—we offer lessons all over Brooklyn and the NYC metro area. We can study at your home if you like, or we can meet up at a local café, like Café Grumpy – Greenpoint at 193 Meserole Ave. If you prefer the Greenpoint Library at 107 Norman Ave, we can hold our private tutoring session there as well. The bottom line is that it’s entirely up to you.

Tourists love Greenpoint, and it’s easy to see why—after all, the Newtown Creek Nature Walk offers a unique experience of nature inside America’s biggest city. If you live in Greenpoint, though, you see more than the exciting exterior of this NYC neighborhood. You know how hard Greenpoint residents have to work to achieve success and how important education is in this competitive city. Of course, we at understand that, too. Working with our tutors can give you or your child a tremendous boost in competencies and confidence, propelling you toward success in the subject of your choice even in the competitive landscape of Greenpoint.

Greenpoint is an exciting place to live. There is a wealth of attractions to enjoy, such as WNYC Transmitter Park or McCarren Park for a taste of nature amid the concrete jungle of NYC. The neighborhood is also filled with unique eateries that let residents sample all sorts of delicious food, an example being Five Leaves. If you dedicate all your time to studying, you’ll miss out on the best aspects of Greenpoint life. However, if you work with our private tutors, you can study more efficiently, freeing up more time to do the things you love in Greenpoint. Let our tutors help you succeed in whatever subject you want—just get in contact with us now.


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