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TACHS Results: A Comprehensive Guide

What is the TACHS?

The Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools (TACHS) is taken by eighth-graders in New York hoping to gain admission to Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens. The test assesses students’ competencies in four different areas:

  • Reading: Reading passages and answering questions about the content, tone, and intent.

  • Written expression: Identifying errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and other aspects of English usage.

  • Mathematics: Solving mathematical problems in different subfields, including algebra and geometry.

  • Ability: Using reasoning, logic, and pattern-recognition skills to solve problems.

How Do TACHS Percentiles Work?

You receive one point for each correct answer you give on the TACHS test. Your raw score is then calculated using a complicated algorithm, and the results of all students in aggregate are compared to determine percentiles. For example, if you are in the 90th percentile, that means you performed better than 90% of students (not necessarily that you scored 90%). Schools usually consider these percentile TACHS results in their admissions considerations.

The TACHS Scoring Range

There are no passing or failing scores for the TACHS. Instead, students, parents, and schools are provided with a student’s LPR (local percentile) and NPR (national percentile). These percentiles refer to how well the student has performed on the test compared to other students within the local area (LPR) and across the nation (NPR).

The average percentile is 50, and a good percentile is 70 to 99. However, note that each school has different admissions criteria, and some place more weight on the TACHS results in their admissions decisions than others.

Admissions Considerations Other Than the TACHS

You typically can’t gain admission through your TACHS results alone. Schools consider additional factors, such as transcripts, to gain a bigger picture of your academic history. Some schools even ask for recommendation letters or interviews. If you want to know more about the admissions criteria of your school of choice, reach out to their admissions team. Your Catholic elementary or middle school guidance counselor may also be able to answer your questions.

What Else Are TACHS Results Used For?

In addition to informing admissions decisions, TACHS results can also determine the recipients of scholarships or a student’s academic placement. Depending on your results for the different subtests, you may be placed in more challenging courses or given extra help.

Where Do Your TACH Results Go?

You can choose three (and only three) schools to send your TACHS results to. Look up the information of your schools in advance so you can provide it on the day of the test.

Your Catholic high schools of choice will receive your TACHS results in mid-December. Your results will also be sent to you in mid-January. If you attend a Catholic school, they are sent to your school’s guidance department. If you attend a different type of school, your TACHS results are sent to the address you entered when you registered. If you still haven’t received your results by the beginning of February, contact the TACHS team.

To help you prepare for the TACHS and answer any questions you have about what might affect your results on the test, consider working with one of our experienced one-on-one tutors. We can come to you wherever you are in NYC.


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