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How to Find the Best GMAT Tutor in NYC

If you do a Google search for a GMAT tutor in NYC, you’ll be bombarded with pages of options. So how do you get in contact with the best GMAT tutor in New York for your unique needs, learning style, and preferences?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is the multiple-choice exam often required for admittance into graduate business or MBA programs. Your GMAT score will play a major role in your application to business school, which is why finding the right GMAT tutor is essential.

To avoid wasting money and time with a tutor who doesn’t have the experience, teaching techniques, or talent to help get you the GMAT results you want, it’s important to do your homework.

Here are four qualifications to seek in an NYC GMAT tutor.

A Solid GMAT Score

You want a tutor who earned a high GMAT score. Although a high score doesn’t necessarily mean someone will make a good teacher, it is a good indicator of his or her mastery of the material. Look for GMAT tutors who scored in the high 700s, which is in the 97th to 98th percentile for 2014 to 2017.


Just as important as a high score is the candidate’s years of tutoring experience. Someone with a perfect score but no experience teaching is unlikely to be a good GMAT tutor, as he or she will not have had an opportunity to learn how to communicate with students, gauge their needs, or anticipate and handle challenges. Ideally, you want a tutor who has experience specifically working with GMAT students in NY and can speak to the challenges of applying to NYC-based business schools.

Curriculum Customization

When it comes to learning styles, no two students are the same. This is why it’s important to find a tutor who is willing and able to customize his or her approach to fit your needs.

A good GMAT tutor in Manhattan or elsewhere should invest some time and energy learning your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of focus and should then design a personalized curriculum to address your needs.

Schedule Compatibility

You may be opting for a personal GMAT tutor for the benefit of individualized attention or because you simply don’t have the time or schedule flexibility to attend classes. Your tutor should be able to work with your schedule even as you juggle work, family, a social life, and other responsibilities.

Before hiring a GMAT tutor in New York, be sure you make your scheduling needs clear to ensure he or she can accommodate them.

Get Help Finding the Right GMAT Tutor in NYC

For assistance finding the right NYC GMAT tutor, get in touch with us. We connect students to highly experienced, respected tutors with phenomenal GMAT scores.

Our talented teachers personalize curricula to accommodate your unique learning style and areas of focus. What’s more, our New York tutors work around your schedule and hold tutoring sessions at your home, favorite coffee shop, or another venue of choice in the greater New York area, including Battery Park City, Hudson Square, and the West Village.

Contact us today to get in touch with some of the city’s finest GMAT tutors immediately and take the first step toward getting a higher score.


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