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Tutoring Services in Hudson Square

Hudson Square

An effective way to help students reach academic goals is through the services of a private tutor who can provide instruction in your Hudson Square home or another convenient location. can deliver high-quality in-home tutoring to students of any age or skill level. We strive to make the instruction flexible so it fits each student’s needs, whether for learning Russian, preparing for the LSAT, studying French, or learning to write more effectively. For more information, contact us.

Our tutoring staff have earned degrees from esteemed universities such as MIT, the University of Chicago, Oxford, and others, and they have vast experience across a range of subjects. We serve students in New York City’s best schools, including the LREI High School. In addition to after-school tutoring sessions, we also offer tutoring for adults. Specifically in Hudson Square, we have helped students like Carla, a high school student on the softball team who needed learning support for physics. Stressed-out eleventh grader Matthew also met with one of our instructors to study for the SAT, and his confidence and skills quickly improved. This private instruction, customized for each student, helped them boost their confidence and master their subjects.

Hudson Square—bordered on the north by Greenwich Village, on the south by TriBeCa, on the east by Downtown Manhattan, and on the west by the Hudson River—stretches across 134 acres. More than 5,300 people call Hudson Square home, many of them students. We assist in their preparations for tests and exams such as the SAT and SHSAT, and we also support students studying for high school classes such as chemistry and other sciences. Additionally, we help native Spanish speakers who have recently relocated to the area brush up on their English skills.

At, we want to make our services as accessible and stress-free as possible for students and parents, so we can provide instruction in your home or at a convenient public spot like the Hudson Park Library or La Colombe at 75 Vandam Street. We offer individualized tutoring to students no matter where they live in Hudson Square, NYC, or the greater New York metropolitan area (for reference, we serve the 10013 ZIP Code and beyond). Contact us today to arrange for a tutor.

Tourists in Hudson Square might enjoy casual activities like visiting the New York City Fire Museum, but life for residents is very different. Some compare it to living in an urban jungle. The pressure is heavy for parents to get their kids into the best preschools (not to mention top colleges). We can help. We bring the most highly qualified tutors to you. Our tutors are thoroughly screened and tested so you can be assured your student is receiving the best instruction. Many on our team have backgrounds at Ivy League schools and boast perfect or near-perfect test scores. Clearly, we are the top choice for private tutors in the Manhattan area and throughout the city.

So go about your daily activities—spend Sundays at Spring Street Park, take a stroll past 1 Hudson Square, dine at the Ear Inn. You can rest easy knowing that will help your student achieve his or her academic goals. Reach out to us today to make an appointment with one of our instructors. We’ll bring them right to you.

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