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AP World History Tutoring Services in NYC

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Enrolling in the AP World History: Modern course is an achievement in and of itself. Only the top students in modern world history can stay afloat in this advanced placement course, and only the best of those can pass the AP World History: Modern exam. To prepare themselves for this grueling examination, students often work with private tutors to go over pertinent world history facts and review test-taking strategies. At, we offer a specialized tutoring service for WHAP test preparation, with one-on-one lessons customized to meet your child’s unique needs. We boast an impressive track record of helping NYC students improve, whether it’s in exam prep or any number of other subjects, from singing to high school science.

Hiring a professional AP World History exam prep tutor for your child makes sense even if they aren’t struggling in the course. Working with a private tutor helps a student improve their confidence and test-taking abilities in addition to providing them a deeper understanding of modern world history. Our private instructors have assisted students of all backgrounds from every corner of New York City, helping them develop their competencies and achieve their world history goals. We help struggling students pass, and we help other students maximize their potential. All you need to do to open doors for your child is message us today.

Pressure mounts every year for AP World students as they prepare to take the WHAP exam. Their future in the study of modern world history depends on their success on this tough examination, and whatever their diverse motivations for undertaking these studies, they all share in their nerves. But a subsection of students approach the test with more confidence: those who have prepared with instructors. We work carefully with each student to develop lesson plans that suit their goals, needs, and interests, enhancing their skills, knowledge, confidence, and motivation alike.

No matter where you are in the Big Apple—be it the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, or Brooklyn—it’s not that hard to find test preparation services for AP World History. But be careful when searching for tutors to entrust your child’s future to: some don’t have the necessary credentials to prepare students for exam success. If you’re looking for truly high-quality tutoring services, has you covered. We’ve already propelled countless students across NYC to success, and the individualization of our lesson plans allows us to teach your child most efficiently as well.

We’re proud of the rigorous screening process we have in place to filter our tutoring candidate pool down to only the top private teachers in New York City. These modern world history experts took the WHAP exam themselves when they were high school students, scoring at the top of their class. They went on to flourish at some of the most prestigious universities in NYC and the country, and they’ve also passed the grueling tutoring tests we have all candidates take. Thus, we know that all our AP World History examination preparation tutors are experts in modern world history, test-taking, and tutoring alike.

At, we bring AP World History: Modern exam prep tutoring services to you. While many tutoring companies force students to journey out to their facilities, we let you choose your study venue, as long as it’s in the NYC metro area. In Manhattan? Why not study at a popular local café in Chelsea? In Brooklyn? How about sitting down at a quiet library in Cobble Hill for some exam prep? In Queens? Why don’t we review modern world history at your apartment in Long Island City? We’ll even travel all the way out to Hoboken, New Jersey, or Westchester County.

Taking personalized lessons with professional private tutors can drastically improve a student’s chance of success on the AP World History: Modern exam. Having the full attention of an experienced teacher allows a student to grow by receiving personalized instruction to work on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Our teachers are experienced in tutoring students from all backgrounds and ages, and we cover many different subjects—the only thing our students have in common is their NYC residency. Why not jump into private tutoring and see the effects it can have? Shoot us a message today to discuss your child’s needs.

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