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The New York State Regents Exam: 4 Strategies for Success

To earn a Regents Diploma and graduate high school, you need to pass at least five NYS Regents exams. Here are four study strategies to help young New Yorkers pass these exams.

1. Study daily.

Start your prep for the Regents exams early. Cramming doesn’t work! You need to give yourself lots of time to process the information, and you need the night before to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Study thoroughly, starting with the material from the beginning of the school year.

Starting at least a month in advance is advisable. You can buy a Regents practice book—or find practice tests online—and review the questions you find there. If you study consistently and diligently, you don’t have to study vigorously.

Of course, you need to know your personal strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate on the Regents exams that you find difficult, and prioritize the material that’s most important and that you struggle with most. Create a study plan for the NYS Regents exams with the help of your teacher or a private tutor, and stick to it.

Study groups with your peers are also effective.

2. Do practice tests.

One of the most effective ways to maximize your chances of passing the Regents exams is to take practice tests using Regents exams from previous years. Practicing like this not only helps you study the material but also gets you familiar with the NYS Regents exam format. The positive effects can even extend beyond the Regents, as the skills are transferable to other standardized tests.

The NYSED website offers past Regents exams along with answer keys. There are countless other online resources you can find, including online courses and even specialized YouTube channels. If you’re more old-school, you can also browse your local bookstore for a Regents study guide.

3. Ask your teachers for help.

Most schools offer extra classes to help students prepare for the Regents exams. Your teachers can help you with the knowledge and skills you need as well as provide tips and tricks to pass the Regents. They can help you identify your weak areas and help you focus on what’s important.

4. Hire tutoring services.

For the ultimate Regents test preparation, hiring a private tutor is a worthwhile investment. The advantage of a one-on-one tutor is that their attention is 100% on you and your needs, meaning they can craft the perfect learning plan for you. Another advantage of private Regents tutoring is the extra confidence you can gain. Many students underperform on standardized tests due to nerves, so don’t underestimate the importance of confidence.

In Conclusion

The NYS Regents exams are a grueling process for any New York high school student. It takes a lot of effort to study for and pass the Regents exams, but students who pass feel the preparation was worth it. The tests are rigorous, which means the people who pass them have demonstrated a strong academic base and are prepared to enter postsecondary education or the workforce.

To best prepare for the Regents, consider working with one of our experienced tutors, who can help you focus on your weak areas and boost your confidence going into the exam.


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