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How to Find the Best LSAT Tutor in NYC

A great LSAT tutor can make a significant positive impact on your test results. New York City offers hundreds of LSAT tutors, each clamoring to help you and promising you results. How do you weed out the duds and find the gems?

If you’re hoping to find a top NYC LSAT tutor with the chops to help you improve your LSAT score, here are five factors to consider.

LSAT Score

This one may seem obvious, but you want a tutor who scored highly on the LSAT.

Perfection isn’t essential, but you should look for someone who scored at least 174, which is in the 99th percentile based on 2015 to 2018 scores. The top 25 law schools in the United States typically look for a score well above 160.


Remember, just because someone scored highly on the LSAT, that doesn’t necessarily mean he or she will make a great teacher. In addition to a great score, look for a tutor who has at least two years of teaching experience—ideally with a specialty in the LSAT. It takes years of teaching to learn how to clearly convey information, take notice of areas of weakness, and adapt to different learning styles.

Track Record

Another critical consideration when choosing an NYC LSAT teacher is the success of his or her previous students. Your tutor may not have precise data on previous students, but he or she should be able to provide references who can attest to his or her effectiveness as an LSAT tutor.

Application Assistance

Beyond preparing for the LSAT, the process of applying to law school involves other elements, such as your personal statement and an interview. Finding an LSAT tutor who can also help with your law school application by providing tips and reviewing (not writing) your materials can also be beneficial.

Consider whether your tutor attended or is currently attending law school. If so, which one? If your tutor attended a top law school or a school you’re interested in, you know that he or she can offer insights into other parts of the application process.

Teaching Methods

When you’re shelling out hard-earned money for an NYC LSAT tutor, you don’t want someone who will just hand you a bunch of practice questions or a textbook, which you could have tackled on your own. Instead, you want an LSAT tutor who can develop an individualized education plan tailored to your weaknesses.

Discuss how your LSAT tutor will approach test preparation and how he or she can adapt to your specific needs.

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