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How to Find a Spanish Tutor in NYC

It’s difficult to really learn another language if you don’t have the opportunity to listen to and speak with someone who’s already fluent. Many group classes are ineffective because you spend so much of your time listening to other students—who are mangling the language!

This is why a one-on-one Spanish tutor in NYC can be so effective. You can really immerse yourself in the language for your tutoring session, so you’ll get more out of the time you invest.

Contact us to connect with experienced Spanish tutors in NYC. You can meet with them in your home or at a public location, such as a library, coffee shop, or book store, anywhere from Downtown, to Chelsea, to Greenwich Village.

When selecting your NY Spanish tutor, here are a few important things to consider.

What Dialect of Spanish Does the Tutor Speak?

Ten major dialects are spoken around the world, with Castilian and Latin American as the most sought-after. Castilian is spoken in Spain, while Latin American Spanish is spoken in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, most of Mexico, and most Central and South American countries.

The difference between the two is somewhat similar to the difference between US English and British English. Pronunciation can be very different, and some of the vocabulary is, too.

Consider your end goal in Spanish tutoring. Do you want to travel to a particular country? Are you looking to improve your Spanish grade? This will help inform what dialect you want your tutor to speak and teach.

What Is the Tutor’s Teaching Background?

Some people recommend seeking out a native Spanish speaker as your tutor. There are certainly many benefits to this. The tutor is guaranteed to be fluent and to pronounce things correctly, and he or she will know how the language is actually spoken, which means you will learn colloquialisms and idioms you may not find in a book.

You should certainly consider this when hiring your New York Spanish tutor, but it shouldn’t overshadow the need to find someone with teaching experience. Being a native speaker doesn’t necessarily mean the individual will be an effective teacher.

Find out about the candidate’s teaching experience. Does the tutor have a degree in education? How many years has he or she been tutoring? Has the tutor been able to help others achieve fluency?

You should also request references from people who can share about their learning experiences with the tutor.

Does the Tutor Have Specific Experience in the Areas You Struggle With?

One Spanish tutor may excel at helping students achieve fluency but be utterly at a loss when it comes to preparing for an AP Spanish exam. Another may be excellent at assisting you with reading and writing but struggle to help you speak.

Different techniques are used to help with improving conversation skills, written skills, and reading skills. Talk to your tutor in advance about your goals. Ask about his or her teaching style, areas of expertise, and recommended course of action.

Get Help Finding the Right Spanish Tutor in NYC

When you’re investing your time and money in an NYC Spanish tutor, you want to ensure you select the right individual. We connect students with experienced tutors who work in-home or at a public location. Contact us today to get started.


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