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Find Top Tutoring Services in Howard Park, Queens

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If you’re a resident of Howard Park in the Queens borough of NYC, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the best private tutoring services in the city. At, we’re committed to each student’s success, preparing specialized lessons that tap into their individual strengths, weaknesses, goals, and interests. This creates an effective, well-rounded study method that yields the desired results, whether you want to learn French, ace the SAT, or develop your singing skills. At, we offer all that and much more, so working face to face with our instructors is the best way for Howard Park residents to extend their knowledge and attain their goals.

It’s extremely hard to join our team as a tutor. You have to be a topmost expert in your field, with an educational background that includes the most prestigious universities in the United States, such as Yale, Stanford, and Duke. You need to have extensive experience in and unwavering passion for coaching ambitious students to further their knowledge and help them meet their goals. You must also pass our set of grueling exams for tutoring candidates to prove you’re good enough for our team. This tough screening process is our way to guarantee high-quality tutoring services for residents of Howard Park and other Queens neighborhoods. We’ve even tutored students at schools like J.H.S. 202 Robert H. Goddard.

We’re proud of the successes achieved by the students we’ve tutored in Howard Park. Your achievements are our achievements, so we’re overjoyed when you pass your exam or shine in applying your new skills in real life. For example, when Felicity, a high school senior from Howard Park, scored in the top percentile on the Regents Science exam, we were absolutely thrilled. We had worked with her over several months to cement her scientific knowledge and teach her effective test-taking strategies. We were similarly overjoyed when we heard that Oliver, a Howard Park businessman who studied Portuguese with us, had successfully completed a business trip to Brazil, impressing his partners there with his language skills. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our students succeed.

Located next to Hamilton Beach, Howard Park spans 1,471 acres within NYC’s Queens borough. The neighborhood is an important part of Queens, serving as home to more than 26,000 ambitious, hardworking people. At, our mission is to help as many Howard Park residents as possible with our one-on-one tutoring sessions, offering content tailored to each student’s unique needs. We’re dedicated to customization, whether you want to learn geometry or study for the SHSAT, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your needs.

Convenience is important in private tutoring services. We understand that Howard Park residents are busy and may not have the time or desire to travel to our facilities for a one-on-one lesson. No problem—we’ll come to you. Our private tutors are so dedicated to your education that they’ll travel anywhere in Howard Park, Queens, or even the entire New York City metro area. Possible locations include your own living room, a café like SoBol Howard Beach at 156-18 Cross Bay Blvd., or a library like the Howard Beach branch of the Queens Public Library at 92-06 156th Ave. Anywhere within ZIP code 11414 is fair game, as is anything outside of it within the NYC metro area!

Howard Park residents are proud of local attractions such as Rockaway Beach, and they certainly should be—it wows visitors from around the country and the world. Still, there’s much more to life in Howard Park than what tourists see. New York City is an incredibly competitive environment, and it’s hard to succeed in this metropolis. We know that as well as any NYC resident does, which is why we’re so passionate about providing private tutoring services to Howard Park residents. It doesn’t matter what you’re striving for—we’ll take this journey with you, coaching you every step along the way until you reach your goal.

No matter how dedicated you are to studying, don’t forget the importance of taking breaks. They give your brain time to absorb all the information you’ve picked up during your studies and help restore your energy so you can study even more. In Howard Park, there are plenty of great ways to unwind—you can get some fun-filled exercise at Launch Trampoline Park Queens, meander through the sea-lined terrain of Charles Memorial Park, or sit down for some traditional American cuisine at the old-school Cross Bay Diner. Since our lessons offer an efficient way to learn, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy life in Howard Park. So, if you want to get started, contact us today.

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