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Head of Operations and Lead Tutor Job Description

Passionate about education? Skilled at managing a team to achieve excellence? In the NYC metro area? Then a role as head of operations and lead tutor at may be perfect for you.


Our Ideal Candidate

As head of operations and lead tutor, you’ll be responsible for scheduling our diverse roster of tutors as they help myriad clients across NYC further their education in different subjects. You’ll also serve as a first point of contact to prospective families and students, introducing them to our processes and solutions. In addition to your management duties, you’ll also work as our lead tutor, providing personalized lessons to children and adults all around NYC in the subjects you excel in. Over time, your management responsibilities will likely increase, in which case you’ll reduce your tutoring hours.



Our ideal head of operations and lead tutor should:

  • Be passionate about education

  • Boast verifiable, credentialed expertise in their tutoring subjects and have extensive tutoring experience

  • Be able to skillfully adapt lessons to the strengths, weaknesses, needs, goals, and interests of each student

  • Have experience in both teaching and management

  • Be friendly and sociable with students, families, and tutors alike, and be open to their thoughts and concerns

  • Possess the organizational skills to coordinate a diverse team of tutors



As our head of operations and lead tutor, you can expect to earn between $80,000 and $120,000 annually.

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