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Tutoring Services for Students with

Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD)


We provide specialized tutoring services to students with NVLD.

Everyone deserves access to a great education. Our mission here at is to help everyone in New York City seize the educational opportunities available to them, no matter their age, background, knowledge level, or disability. Our team is large and diverse, consisting of experts from a wide range of fields specially trained to deliver effective and empathetic instruction to students with different learning styles and learning needs. We also work with students who struggle with learning disorders, including nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD).

NVLD is a relatively common learning disorder affecting roughly 3% of the population. It’s characterized by a discrepancy between one’s verbal and nonverbal intelligence, where verbal intelligence is at a neurotypical level but nonverbal intelligence is neurodivergent. More specifically, individuals with NVLD may struggle with visuoconstruction abilities, speech prosody, fine motor coordination, mathematical reasoning, visuospatial memory, and social skills. NVLD symptoms may overlap with symptoms of autism, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and dyscalculia, and some experts argue that some people diagnosed with ADHD would be better diagnosed with NVLD instead.

No matter the formal diagnosis, our tutors are trained in helping students with NVLD (as well as autism, ADHD, dyscalculia, and other learning differences), with customized lesson plans tailored to their individual needs. If you’d like to discuss the ways we can help your student with NVLD, contact us today.

Customizable lesson plans to best suit your student with NVLD.

Students with nonverbal learning disorder often have difficulties understanding charts, reading maps, doing jigsaw puzzles and telling time on an analog clock. Young children with the disorder tend to struggle with tasks requiring eye–hand coordination, and adolescents with NVLD typically face challenges with time management, organization, and social interactions, and they may find it difficult to summarize information, apply existing knowledge to new domains, and make inferences or predictions. However, students with NVLD may exhibit above-average verbal intelligence. Specially trained experts can tailor their teaching approach to best suit students with NVLD and help them thrive.

NVLD is a complex disorder that affects many different aspects of a person’s life, and it may manifest differently in different people. That means it’s necessary to personalize lesson plans for students with NVLD to suit their specific needs, circumstances, goals, and interests, with the approach evolving over time alongside the student’s progress. This is precisely what our tutors do, offering experienced and empathetic guidance in the most effective way for your individual student. We’re always open to suggestions and modifications to ensure we meet the changing needs of your student with NVLD—so don’t hesitate to make any requests!

Our NVLD-specialized tutors are available anywhere, anytime in NYC.

When it comes to providing access to top-quality educational opportunities in New York City, we don’t discriminate. We want to help students with nonverbal learning disorder all over the city, whether in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island. In fact, our tutoring services cover the entirety of the NYC metro area, so we can also help students with NVLD in as Long Island and some regions of Westchester County, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The precise location is your choice—we’re happy to use a local public library or cozy café for your study sessions, or we can come right to your humble abode anywhere in the NYC metro area.

There’s no shortage of subjects that our NVLD-specialized tutors offer instruction in, either. Whether it’s an area that your student with NVLD struggles in or wants to explore more deeply, we offer personalized private tutoring in school subjects ranging from geometry and biology to economics and business studies. For students with NVLD preparing for exams, such as the SAT, the ACT, or the SHSAT, we provide tailored instruction for maximum readiness. If your student with NVLD is learning Portuguese, Russian, or another language—or a musical instrument like the cello or clarinet—we can help them thrive in these domains, as well.

Making private tutoring more accessible for students with NVLD anywhere in NYC.

Everyone deserves an equal chance at education—and we work hard to ensure that everyone in NYC, regardless of age, background, and circumstance, can access quality tutoring services that help them attain the education they want. Our tutors are passionate about empowering students with learning differences, including NVLD, helping them thrive despite the additional challenges not faced by their neurotypical peers. With the guidance of our tutors, your student can improve their academic performance and confidence alike. Reach out today to discuss your student’s individual needs and how we can help them achieve their academic goals.

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